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Genitourinary (GU) Cancer Program

The GU Cancer program focuses on the urinary and male genital tracts.    GU cancers may involve the prostate, bladder, kidney, testes, or penis.   The Gibbs Cancer Center & Research Institute, in collaboration with urologists, offers services to assess your GU cancer risk, screen for certain GU cancers, and when diagnosed with a GU cancer navigate you through treatment and survivorship. 
Our highly specialized team of experts collaborates to offer you the latest treatment advances.  Options may include:  minimally invasive surgical procedures, such as robot assisted prostatectomy; radiation therapy-external beam and prostate brachytherapy (both permanent seed implants and high-dose-rate brachytherapy are offered);hormonal therapy; and targeted chemotherapy.  Additionally, every patient is reviewed for possible participation in a clinical trial.  Your treatments options are discussed during the GU Multidisciplinary Planning Conference.   This is where treatment options are personalized for you.       
Program Quality & Outcomes

Meet our GU Cancer Team


· Medical Oncologists

Colin Curran, MD
Asim Pati, MD

· Radiation Oncologists

Daniel Fried, MD, PhD
Drew Monitto, MD, Program Chair

· Pathologists

Alfred Campbell, MD
Rosanna Lapham, MD

· Radiologists (Diagnostic)

Kelan J Brown, MD
Joan Hu Burkhardt, MD
Caroline P Daly, MD
Michael J Enright, MD
William T Joyce, III, MD
Joseph A Kavanagh, MD
Joseph K Kurkjian, MD
Jeffery M Newman, MD
Neil H Parnes, MD
F P Ryan, MD
David R Stoppenhagen, MD
Lawrence N Warren, Jr., MD

· Radiologists(Interventional)

Brian Baghdady, MD
KyranDowling, MD
Arthur Freedman, MD
Richard Harp, MD


· Surgeons

Paul Ellis, MD
Gerald Hull, III, MD, Program Vice-Chair
Michael Pryor, MD


· Clinical Navigator

      Kim Johnson, RN, OCN

· Clinical Research

      Christy Moore, RN

Other Available Support Services

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