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Meet the Gibbs team. 

Each member of your multi-disciplinary treatment team plays an important role in determining the best treatment for your unique cancer and specific physical condition. Here are some of the experts you will meet during your treatment process. Or, find a specific provider with our searchable directory.

Nurse navigator:

Your nurse navigator is a specially trained registered nurse, often with advanced degrees certifications plus years of experience in cancer care, who is the continuous point of contact for you and your family throughout your cancer diagnosis, treatment and survival planning.

Your personal nurse navigator helps you learn about and understand your condition, coordinates your care, collaborates with other specialists to determine and oversee your treatment, helps manage your symptoms, schedules your tests and consultations, answers your questions and helps you understand your options, serves as your advocate in all phases of your care. You can always rely on your nurse navigator for the support you need, at no cost to you.

Gibbs was one of the first centers to recognize the value of professional nurse navigators in providing patient-centered care. Gibbs established its nurse navigator program in 1998, long before it became a recognized best practice in cancer care.

Nurse practitioner:

A nurse practitioner works alongside your treatment team to provide healthcare services that stress both care and cure. Nurse practitioners are registered nurses who have additional advanced education and clinical training in their chosen specialty area. Nurse practitioners are licensed to diagnose and treat illnesses, prescribe medications, manage your care, and provide health education and counseling. Nurse practitioners at Gibbs have highly specialized training in cancer care and treatment with a focus on the overall health and wellness of each patient.


Your oncologist is a doctor who specializes in treating patients with cancer. There are several different types of oncologists, including:

  • radiation oncologists, who specialize in using radiation therapy to destroy cancer cells
  • medical oncologists, who specialize in the use of drugs, usually called chemotherapy, to treat cancer
  • surgical oncologists, who treat cancer through procedures such as biopsies and surgical removal of tumors and other affected tissue.

Oncology treatment can be inpatient or outpatient, depending on your unique situation and your specific treatment regimen. Gibbs provides oncology treatments at convenient locations throughout the Upstate area. 


Hematologists are internal medicine physicians who specialize in diagnosing and treating cancers that affect the blood, such as lymphoma and leukemia, and in therapies such as blood transfusions and bone marrow and stem cell transplants. 


A pathologist is a physician who specializes in examining tissue, ensuring the accuracy of laboratory tests, and interpreting the results of the examinations and tests. Using advanced laboratory procedures and sophisticated tools and methods, pathologists play a vital scientific role in proper cancer diagnosis and appropriate treatment planning. 

Each physician and surgeon at Gibbs is credentialed by MD Anderson Physicians Network

Since 2005, Gibbs Cancer Center has been the exclusive host affiliate of The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, the prestigious cancer treatment center at the University of Texas in Houston. Gibbs regularly undergoes rigorous reviews of its standards and practices to ensure that it meets MD Anderson Cancer Network’s strict standards of care, and we consistently receive its highest ratings.

In addition, each of our physicians must pass a lengthy MD Anderson Cancer Network credentialing process, including a medical records review and an assessment of office standards. These data-driven quality improvement processes are your assurance that you’ll receive the best cancer treatment available anywhere. View complete Gibbs/MD Anderson Cancer Network Credentialed Physician List.

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Gibbs Cancer Center is a multidisciplinary cancer center located in Spartanburg, South Carolina. It is one of the original National Cancer Institute's Community Cancer Centers Program and Community Clinical Oncology Program sites. Gibbs is nationally recognized cancer treatment and research facility with affiliations with MD Anderson Physicians Network and the Medical University of South Carolina's Hollings Cancer Center.

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