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Should you get a second opinion?

Once your cancer has been diagnosed and your treatment plan outlined, you may want to get advice from another specialist before you begin your treatment. Getting a second opinion can help you be sure that all aspects of your case have been carefully reviewed and considered and that you’ve considered all appropriate treatment options.

Requesting a second opinion does not mean that you are unsatisfied with the diagnostic and treatment advice you have been given. Neither will it significantly postpone your treatment. It is simply a way to become better informed and to make sure that you have access to all the benefits of specialized expertise.

Most doctors welcome a second opinion consultation, and many insurance plans even require a second opinion before beginning cancer treatment.

In addition to our multi-disciplinary approach to initial diagnosis and treatment, Gibbs Cancer Center offers a formalized second opinion clinic, in which a team of cancer specialists and other medical professionals reviews and evaluates your treatment plan.

  • Sometimes your second opinion team may discover that your case is more complex than it had seemed;
  • it may recommend additional tests or new treatments not previously considered;
  • or it might agree that your current plan is appropriate.

In all cases, this multi-disciplinary consultation makes sure you have access to the latest scientific expertise and evidence-based treatment for your unique situation.

You should consider bringing along a family member or friend to help you listen and absorb the information. You will also want to involve your current doctor in the process so that your entire treatment team stays up to date.

Each physician and surgeon at Gibbs is credentialed by MD Anderson Physicians Network

Since 2005, Gibbs Cancer Center has been the exclusive host affiliate of The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, the prestigious cancer treatment center at the University of Texas in Houston. Gibbs regularly undergoes rigorous reviews of its standards and practices to ensure that it meets MD Anderson Cancer Network’s strict standards of care, and we consistently receive its highest ratings.

In addition, each of our physicians must pass a lengthy MD Anderson Cancer Network credentialing process, including a medical records review and an assessment of office standards. These data-driven quality improvement processes are your assurance that you’ll receive the best cancer treatment available anywhere. View complete Gibbs/MD Anderson Cancer Network Credentialed Physician List.

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Gibbs Cancer Center is a multidisciplinary cancer center located in Spartanburg, South Carolina. It is one of the original National Cancer Institute's Community Cancer Centers Program and Community Clinical Oncology Program sites. Gibbs is nationally recognized cancer treatment and research facility with affiliations with MD Anderson Physicians Network and the Medical University of South Carolina's Hollings Cancer Center.

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